About Us

Specialty Forces was created to offer employment opportunities for U.S. Honorably Discharged Military Veterans who had a Military Occupational Specialty (M.O.S.) that did not directly translate into civilian careers. Instead of focusing on our M.O.S., we focus on incorporating the individual skills we learned in the military into creating products and offering services to the communities where we live. We take pride in our workmanship as a way to honor those who paid the ultimate price to give us the freedom to pursue our dreams and embrace our families.


M.E. "Bear" Barrett, Founder of Specialty Forces, has experienced the hardships and sacrifices that come with being part of a military family. Besides losing family members and friends as the result of their military service, he himself spent 9 months as a homeless veteran due to "undiagnosed illnesses" from serving in the Persian Gulf War. He has committed his life to helping other veterans and family members of our Fallen Heroes.