Enlisted Help

The "Enlisted Help" brand is our "catch-all" brand, because all of our team members come to us with other skills and passions that don't fit within one of our other brands. At Specialty Forces we do not want a team member to abandon what makes them happy but encourage them to continue to share these gifts with our clients. Through the "Enlisted Help" brand you have a portal to these products and services some of which are made possible through other companies which they have an on-going relationship. The only condition we require is that any service or product they promote on this site is from a reputable and trustworthy source and in the case there's an issue, we all agree that the customer's satisfaction is our top priority.


Specialty Forces' founder, Bear, loves to help people find the perfect automobile that meets their current needs. Bear continues this passion at a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram Dealership in Tennessee. It doesn't matter where you live or the brand/type of automobile you desire, because the dealership is able to make dealer trades across the country. If in the need of a new vehicle from someone you can trust, please send Bear an email at [email protected].